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Learning Experience Design Glossary

Learning Experience Design (LXD) is an evolving discipline that combines design, psychology, and education. As the field grows, so does its specialized language. This glossary is here to introduce some of these terms.

Key areas the LXD Glossary explores

Multimedia technology: Using different media types for learning.

E-Learning: Online education techniques.

Learning sciences: How people learn from cognitive and neuroscience perspectives.

Gamification: Using game-like elements in education.

User Experience (UX) Design: Making learning experiences user-friendly.

Graphic and Interaction Design: Visual design in learning materials.

Agile Development: Adaptable and quick development methods for learning projects.

This glossary is designed to be a helpful tool for those in the field of Learning Experience Design, providing clarity on the evolving terms and concepts in this dynamic area.


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How to Use the Learning Experience Design Glossary

Look up specific terms: Quickly find definitions for specific terms or concepts you encounter in your work or study.

Expand your knowledge: Use the glossary to explore new areas within Learning Experience Design, enhancing your understanding and skills.

Stay updated: Regularly refer to the glossary to stay informed about the latest terms and developments in the field.

Gamification: Using game-like elements in education.

Cross-reference for deeper understanding: Use the provided definitions as a starting point and cross-reference with other resources for a more comprehensive understanding.

Apply in practice: Relate the terms and concepts to your real-world projects and experiences to see how they apply in practical scenarios.

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