Course Overview and FAQs (⏱20 mins)


Thank you for enrolling in this LXD Guild Academy’s Certified Learning Experience Designer – Capstone. During this one-week journey, we will work together and explore how we can take advantage of Design Portfolio as a tool for success as an industry professional. We also promote the idea of learning together to facilitate richer and more engaging learning experiences.

The following video introduces you to LXD Guild.

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We’re here to help 🚑

Krishna and Sandeep are here to help you with your learning journey. Don’t hesitate to us an email, or to message them on WhatsApp (our community platform).




⚡️ How is this course different?

  • Our approach to facilitation We believe that the collective experience of the cohort outweighs anything you could learn from the course material. This is why we strive to create an environment where everyone is welcome to share their experience, explore ideas, make mistakes, and teach others what they learned because of them. So, as a participant, you are a co-creator of the learning experience.
  • Learning together This is a cohort-based course because you will progress through the course material with a group of other learners at the same time. Together, you are a cohort. We use this format to encourage opportunities for collaboration and networking. You might also feel more motivated to achieve your goals because of the sense of community.

You are encouraged to make the most of this format. Participants come from broad backgrounds with experiences and opportunities to enrich your learning journey and expand your professional network. Here are a few ways that you can engage with the cohort:

1. Participate in the course discussions and the LXD Guild community.
2. Attend the live sessions
3. Make the most of our MentorGuild and related feedback activities
4. Ask questions
5. Share your experiences


You are among the first cohorts of this course. Since we are in a pilot phase, inspite of our collaboration with industry veterans, you may run into hiccups along the way, or you may have ideas about how we can improve the course material. We really value any feedback that you can give us to make this course the best it can be.

There will be various check-ins asking you for input along the learning journey, but if there is anything that you would like to tell us directly, you can send a message to

Krishna and Sandeep, the Facilitators, are here to help you and you are welcome to send us an email ( with any questions or requests. If you think that other participants can also benefit from the answer, you are encouraged to ask the question in the cohort’s private Padlet channel.